About Us...

The "We're Friends!" Trio (originally "Friends") began back in the fall of 2007. The group is fronted by vocalist Tucker O'Hara, and have two acoustic-electric guitarists: Bogdan Bernert, who is classically trained, and Quentin Caine (Llorente), whose style is Flamenco flavored.
"We're Friends!" present a wide variety of music. Their repertoire is easily recognizable to a wide audience. They choose material that is particularly familiar to those of the "Baby Boomer Generation." There are '60's Pop hits and ballads from artists like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Simon and Garfunkle  There are Bossa Nova gems by Jobim, Stan Getz, and Brazil '66. They play many Jazz Classics from composers like Gershwin and Cole Porter. They play Gypsy Flamenco and Classical pieces as well: songs recorded by the Gipsy Kings and Paco DeLucia, and some classical compositions like those of Rodrigo and Bach.  They also play a good number of original songs composed by Quentin Caine.
Tucker O'Hara, Quentin Caine, and Bogdan Bernert have great chemistry and are quite fun and entertaining. "We're Friends!" currently performs in the greater Sacramento area and invite you to come see, listen, and join in!  
If you would like to have "We're Friends!" perform at your wedding, special event, or private party, send inquiries to Suzanne at:  slinley@sbcglobal.net